• Business Demand

    In order to fully implement and actualize the overall objectives of comprehensive statistics in “The Proposal on Generally Promoting Financial Comprehensive Statistics ” which issued by the General Office of State Council, Financial Survey and Statistics Department of People’s Bank Of China(Abbr. as PBOC) issued “The Notice on Establishing Financial Basic Data Statistical Bylaw(Pilot)”on June 12th ,2020. In the Notification, it clearly points out each of the statistical work should be implemented by steps or phases. Otherwise, on July 29th , 2020, PBOC Shanghai Branch transmitted the notice of “The Notice of PBOC on Establishing Financial Basic Data Statistical Bylaw”, and it defined the requirement of financial basic data reporting.

  • Solutions

    In order to satisfy the requirement issued by PBOC on establishing the financial basic data reporting statistical bylaw, RIKING releases the solution which is Financial Basic Data Reporting System (Abbr. as FBDRS ), Based on front standard form, this system can import data or use ETL extract interface to load data. According to built-in configurable checking rules, FBDRS can check the accuracy of data. At the same time, it can desensitize the data in line with PBOC requirement. Ultimately, FBDRS can satisfy users to finish a series of process which are data inputting, checking, reviewing, documents generating and reporting, then it can help users to achieve data extraction, supervision, governance, and reporting.


  • Process Automation

    According to automated mission management, users can customize automated mission according to the needs of business and management, which is simple, convenient and effective.

  • Completed Corss-check

    FBDRS is able to run cross-check with relevant financial statement to make sure the accuracy and uniformity.

  • Flexible Data Inputting

    Users can set up the authority for manual inputting, and input missing data as required. The operational process can be configurable.

  • Configurable Checking Rules

    Checking rules are configurable and visible, FBDRS can adapt regulatory checking rules efficiently, then check the data within different business type or scenario based on configured rules. In the meantime, it can notify users if there is any new business type and give illustration of data processing.

  • Effective Data Collection

    FBDRS does not only satisfy regulatory standard checking rules, but also add customized checking rules based on financial institutions’ business which can improve the reporting quality.

  • Great regulatory interpretation

    FBDRS supports variety of data source collection, and it has completed data collection logic so that it can fully satisfy the data collection standard of regulators.

  • Business Optimization

    Through the unified management of software, the operating cost and maintenance cost can be greatly reduced. The automatic processing process can replace the manual processing process, to improve users' work efficiency and guarantee the accuracy and standardization of data and reduce the error rate at the same time.

    Meanwhile, we can help you optimize the regulatory reporting business process and update the system in accordance with the latest regulations issued by relevant regulatory authorities.