July Witnesses RIKING’s Gold Medal for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
In July 2019, RIKING wins the Gold Medal in the Fifth China "Internet +" College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Shanghai Division for the Risk Control Anti-Money Laundering Solutions for Financial Institutions. Since its launch in April 2019, this Competition has attracted more than 60 universities in the city, and over 20,000 projects with more than 80,000 people have participated in this event. And, 30 Gold Medals, 56 Silver Medals, 152 Bronze Medals and 6 Special Prizes are produced in the finals.

Event Introduction

China "Internet +" College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is the largest innovation and entrepreneurship competition in the world, with the highest domestic standards and the greatest influence. Our Party and state leaders attach great importance to it.

The Competition has been successfully held for five times, and the theme of this year's competition is “To dare to fly the dream of youth and brave the tide to make contributions to the new era”, with the aim of leading entrepreneurship with innovation to further promote employment, to create a new situation for college graduates to start businesses and find jobs with higher quality.

Project Introduction

The “Risk Control Anti-Money Laundering Solutions for Financial Institutions” is an effective anti-money laundering tool developed by RIKING according to the current severe situation of money laundering crimes at home and abroad to cope with the diversified business scenarios of the financial industry.

During the roadshow, the project leader clearly expounds the project background, the specific solutions and RIKING’s present development situation and future development strategy, and put forward that RIKING will continue to respond to the regulatory call and assist financial institutions to actively crack down on money laundering crimes. Finally, the project has received unanimous praise from experts and judges.

With the acceleration of China's internationalization process, China’s openness has also continued to increase. Meanwhile, China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy provides new opportunities for China's financial openness and international cooperation. For this purpose, RIKING actively responds to the national “One Belt and One Road” strategy and vigorously strengthens the close cooperation with financial institutions of countries along the “One Belt and One Road” route. At present, RIKING has provided 15 banks in 8 countries along the route with risk control and regulatory compliance solutions, providing strong technical support for the safe development of international financial transactions.

This successful award, on the one hand, is a sound recognition of the achievements and development prospects of RIKING’s project, on the other hand, it is also a reflection of RIKING's active response to the national call for mass entrepreneurship and innovation and its promotion of the new business model of "Internet + Financial Information Technology Service".

RIKING hopes to become the bridge of Chinese and foreign financial cooperation and exchanges, to help more foreign banks come into China and help more Chinese banks go into the world.