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        Foshan Shunde Yuan Feng Electric Co., Ltd. is an independent research and development and production of various electrical switches and terminal blocks business, the main products are float switch, key switch, rotary switch, micro switch, key switch series, the product is widely used In the air conditioning, electric fans, rice cookers, electric heaters, electric ovens, microwave ovens, juicers, mixers and other home appliances industry. The company provides products from design and development to manufacturing inspection and tracking services of all the processes, with independent mold design and manufacturing, automatic stamping, precision injection molding and assembly and other departments....

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        Yuan Feng ElectricalEXQUISITE STRATEGY

        01FINE CONSTRUCTION DREAMYuan Feng electrical strong engineer team


          "Yuan Feng Electric has always insisted" scientific and technological innovation, excellence, quality first, customer first "

        Enterprise business philosophy: made China electrical switches supporting industry well-known brands, with our professional technical services to help customers create higher value products, and all the friends and is willing to create a better tomorrow!

        02BOUTIQUE POWERTo precision fine for the strategy

        【Company strength】There are currently 205 employees,
        including six R & D personnel, quality control personnel 13
        people, other management staff of 18 people, production and
        operation of the area of about 4500 square meters.

        【Production equipment】Injection molding machine equipment
        6, stamping equipment 8, 4 production lines。

        【Testing equipment】Switch life durability detector 2,
        2 sets of high-voltage insulation machine, a resistance tester 1, a ball pressure tester 1, glow wire tester 1 Taiwan, salt spray tester 1 Taiwan.


        03DELIVERY MANAGEMENTMaximize customer benefits

        【Design management】The use of parallel and standardized
        design, application of diversified design software and fast
        communication tools, the design cycle will be shortened by
        1/2, save the play cycle at least 3-5 days;
        【Logistics transportation】Scientific U - type logistics
        plant design, beat the main material pull - type management,
        systematic production of material classification and
        positioning management, effectively improve the mold production efficiency;


        04QUALITY CONTROLHelp customers achieve the perfect quality

        【Cooperation witness】Cooperation, some customers have the
        United States, Gree, Tsann Kuen, million and, Bel Ryder, and
        other well - known household electrical appliance enterprises;
        【Honor Verification】UL has been implemented the latest
        EN61058 test standards, the factory passed the ISO9001
        international quality management system certification,
        most of the products have been CQC, TUV, CB, UL safety

        Quality Control
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